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Camila Betterelli Giuliano, ELV PhD candidate.


Our consortium partner Elvesys was at the MicroPhysio workshop from 11th – 15th of April, at the beautiful Institute of Scientific Studies of Cargèse, Corsica.

“It was a pleasure to attend such inspiring talks and be able to exchange ideas with amazing scientists on the topics of organoids and organs-on-chip. These systems flow nutrients over cells grown in a chamber usually no bigger than a coin. Monitoring the level of dissolved gases will be a big step forward to making better micro-scale models of tissues in the lab.”

The LifeSaver Podcast

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The LifeSaver concept is based on an original idea of hybridization of several innovative technologies, integrating digital in silico/in vitro (biodigital twin) systems, enabling the effective screening of chemicals and pharmaceuticals which might affect pregnant women’s health, and reducing animal, preclinical and clinical testing, which is not presently possible with any other existing approaches to the same level of confidence. This podcast show highlights aspects of the project and related topics.

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