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Lifesaver attends the JOINT POLICY SESSION OF THE GREEN DEAL PROJECTS, 11 September, 2023

The LIFESAVER project was represented by our Coordinator, Enginsoft, by Carla Baldasso at the Joint Policy Session of the Green Deal Projects.

Lifesaver & elvesys attends MPS world summit, Berlin, 26-30 june, 2023

The LIFESAVER project and Elvesys Microfluidic Innovation Center’s fluidic demonstrator were displayed at our booth at the MPS. (Also proudly representing our GreenDeal Cluster sister project ALTERNATIVE)


The LIFESAVER Project consortium partners recently convened at INL in Braga, Portugal, from 12 -16th of July 2023 for the 18-month Review Meeting. The meeting included a tour of INL laboratory facilities and the unveiling of the Digital Placenta that the partners have been working on for the past 18 months.

Lifesaver Good Cell Culture Practice Webinar

The LifeSaver Project invites you to our upcoming training event on Good Cell Culture Practice.

Register now for our FREE ‘Good Cell Culture Practice’ training event on Wednesday, 24th May, from 11.00 – 13.00 CEST.

Lecturer: Regina Grillari, Evercyte GmbH; cell biologist with more than 20 years experience in isolating cells from different human tissues for setting up of in vitro test systems and cell factories. 

Evercyte is a biotech company based in Vienna, Austria, that specializes in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of immortalized human cells for drug discovery, toxicity testing, and cell-based assays. Their portfolio includes various cell lines, such as kidney, lung, and skin cells, and they also offer custom cell line development services.

Lifesaver AGM 2022

The LifeSaver Consortium of partners gathered in Rome on the 24th & 25th of November for the first annual AGM. The event saw all the partners from across the EU joining together for 2 days to share results, get to know one another better and workshop ideas. The event was chaired by Project Coordinator, Carla Baldasso from EngineSoft and was held at the Marriott Hotel in Rome.

From Left to Right: Michael Gasik, Alice Masserdotti, Antonietta Silini, Carla Baldasso, Ornella Parolini.

The International Conference: “Clinical Translation of Perinatal Derivatives: Where Do We Stand?”

The International Conference “Clinical Translation of Perinatal Derivatives: Where Do We Stand?” was held on September 2- 3, 2022 at the Paolo VI Convention Center in Brescia, Italy. The conference was organized by Prof. Ornella Parolini and her team at the Centro di Ricerca Eugenia Menni (CREM)-Fondazione Poliambulanza. Members of the “International Placenta Stem Cell Society – IPLASS” and participants of the COST SPRINT Action attended. Numerous guests from many different countries (Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA) presented the latest developments in basic and clinical research with human placenta-derived stem cells.

Woman standing in front of events board
Camila Betterelli Giuliano, ELV PhD candidate.


Our consortium partner Elvesys was at the MicroPhysio workshop from 11th – 15th of April, at the beautiful Institute of Scientific Studies of Cargèse, Corsica.

“It was a pleasure to attend such inspiring talks and be able to exchange ideas with amazing scientists on the topics of organoids and organs-on-chip. These systems flow nutrients over cells grown in a chamber usually no bigger than a coin. Monitoring the level of dissolved gases will be a big step forward to making better micro-scale models of tissues in the lab.”

The LifeSaver Podcast

Lifesaver podcast cover with microphone on white background

The LifeSaver concept is based on an original idea of hybridization of several innovative technologies, integrating digital in silico/in vitro (biodigital twin) systems, enabling the effective screening of chemicals and pharmaceuticals which might affect pregnant women’s health, and reducing animal, preclinical and clinical testing, which is not presently possible with any other existing approaches to the same level of confidence. This podcast show highlights aspects of the project and related topics.

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