Lifesaver project is addressing pregnancy safety with in vitro and in silico techniques


LifeSaver project is Addressing pregnancy safety with in vitro and in silico techniques.

finding solutions to fetal and maternal safety.

project aim

One aim of the LifeSaver Project is to reduce neonatal and infant death rates in Europe. Across Europe about 75% of all neonatal deaths and 60% of all infant deaths occur in infants born preterm, and worldwide 450 neonatal deaths occur every hour. The number of preterm births is growing despite advances in medicine as more pregnancies are in the later age but also due to increasing environmental threats and lack of suitable treatments.

In the LIFESAVER vision, every pregnant woman must have a proper living environment with minimal risks to the foetus, safeguarded with scientifically justified regulations in use and control of potentially risky chemical and medicinal products, leading to healthier quality lives of the babies, overarching for generations.